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Shopping with Coupons

I wish that I could introduce a coupon system for shoppers in Barbados. It would take the cooperation of local and international manufacturers and retailers and the commitment of a concerned citizen (me!). I am very willing to put in the time and effort to get Barbadians shopping with coupons.

I was browsing through some coupons that I found in a USA paper. Some of the coupons that I found in two coupon pamphlets were offering between thirty cents and five dollars off of a variety of items. Other coupons give you the buy one get one free option and a few . How’s that for saving?

It should be noted that you won’t use every single coupon, but at least you will use them on some of the items. Flipping through the booklets I saw quite a few things that I purchase.

Even though I live in Barbados, I find myself scouring coupon sites when making purchases online. I learnt this from my boyfriend who always looks for coupons when he wants to buy something. When I purchased the Odd Cents domain name from Go Daddy, I looked for a coupon, which saved me a couple dollars.

Before you ask, we’re far from the extreme couponing types. I’m not quite sure how I feel about extreme couponing. I understand the need to save money and I’m all for it. But I suspect that if you add the time you spend looking for these coupons, printing or cutting them from and then keeping them organised so that you use them before they expire, you might find yourself losing out in other ways.