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Starting a Business

Starting a business is large undertaking that requires adequate planning. There is so much pressure because everything is on your shoulders. Be clear about the purpose of your business. You have to understand who your customers and target market are. You have to be willing to work hard to ensure that your business operates so that it can make a profit. These are the important factors that all business owners should pay attention. Starting a business involves writing a business plan, choosing a business structure, registering a business and securing financing to start the business.

Writing a Business Plan

If you are thinking about or have started a business, writing a business plan should be the beginning of the process because it will define your plans for the business.

Writing a Business Plan Resources

Do you need help writing your business plan? Take a look at the links below for step by step on how to create plans for your business.

Choosing a Business Structure

Do you know how your business will be set up? Will it be a sole proprietorship where you are the only employee or will you be in partnership with other people?

Choosing a Business Structure Resources

Selecting the right business structure when you first start your business can have an impact on your taxes, your liability and how your assets are protected. Business structures vary from country to country, so you have to research the requirements for your location.

Registering a Business

By registering your business, you can protect your rights as a business owner and benefit from small business initiatives.

Registering a Business Resources

If you do not know how to register your business, you should seek advice from the government agency that regulates business (free option) or a lawyer (paid option.) If you are registering your business in Barbados, take a look at the following links:

Financing a Business

At the beginning of the journey, financing a business is one of the first things that people consider. Thankfully, there are many options for financing a business which you can choose from. Business owners and entrepreneurs can obtain loans, grants, crowdfunding, or use their own funds to get their business going.

Financing a Business Resources

Not sure how you should finance your business? Take a look at the links below to see which suggestions can work for you.

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