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The Windows Calculator

The Windows Calculator has many features in addition to the basic arithmetic sums.

Since I installed the Alexa task bar, on joining Yakezie, I’ve been seeing some trending headlines under the “hottest pages on the web right now.” Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for work, I saw a headline that read “Windows Calculator: Meant to Hit Alt+F4. Hit Alt+E instead. Accidentally discovered new useful feature.” I clicked it and it took me to Imgur.(Funnily enough Imgur features are almost always on this tab, so I figured that it was something good!)

The headline was about someone who accidentally discovered a new feature on the standard Calculator accessory that comes with Windows computer software. The poster said that they pressed Alt+E, but it was Ctrl+E. What popped up was a form that allows you to calculate the difference between two dates.

I decided to explore some more and I clicked the ”View” tab and highlighted “Worksheets”. There are options to calculate your mortgage, vehicle lease, fuel economy (mpg), and fuel economy (L/100 km). I’ve been using this calculator to add and subtract not so simple sums and the scientific setting for more complicated sums. There is also a unit conversion table and programmer and statistics options! Who knew?

Windows Calculator Features

Just for fun I tested out some of the features:

1. I accessed the “difference between two dates” feature by clicking on Ctrl+E. Then, I entered the day that I was born and today’s date. By entering this information, the calculator revealed I am exactly 30 years, 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days old which is equivalent to 11,007 days.

2. I accessed the vehicle lease feature by clicking on the “View” tab, highlighting “Worksheets” and then clicking on “Vehicle Lease.” I imagined that I was looking to buy a car and I wanted to know what my monthly payments would be like. I assumed the value of the car should be $50,000; the period 3 years; 12 payments per year; residual value of $30,000 and an interest rate of 10%. After inputting the information, I clicked the calculate button which gave me a payment of $895.34.

Give it a try and have some fun!