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Today is World Savings Day!

In addition to be being celebrated as Halloween, the 31st October 2011 is also World Savings Day. I never even knew that such a day existed!

About World Savings Day

This wonderful day, originally known as World Thrift Day was first started in 1924, in Italy at the first International Thrift Congress. World Savings Day is usually celebrated with brochures, leaflets and other promotional literature.

The World Savings Bank Institute  (WSBI) is an international banking association with over one hundred banks and institutions from ninety-two countries. The Institute was originally known as the International Savings Bank Institute. Its aim was to make the public aware of the benefits of saving. By also having a day dedicated to saving, it would encourage people to save so that they could improve their standard of living.

People Still Save Their Money

This is a concept that is still true to this day. People save their money for a variety of reasons which usually involve creating a better way of living. Some people save to buy a new washing machine. Others may save up for a downpayment on a house. The common goal is to achieve something that would enable one to enjoy benefits. In many cases people use their savings to finance any unforseen issues including health emergencies and unemployment.

If you have a bank account, a piggy bank or any other form of savings tool and you actually use it, then it can be said that the WSBI has succeeded in achieving its goal.