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Weekly Report – 11 March 2012

Women’s Money Week began on Monday, 5 March 2012 and will end today, 11 March 2012. I participated in this week, by writing two articles – How To Start a Business With No Money and Why Saving For a Rainy Day is a Good Idea. More than one hundred blogs participated in this week by writing on at least one of the topics.

Favourite Blogs of the Week (11 March 2012)

Here are my favourite posts of the week. I also found a couple new blogs and some of their posts are featured in this list.

  1. . Money Won’t Make You Happy… But It Will Buy You Stuff at Work Save Live
  2. Lifestyle Changes Should Affect Mortgage Decisions at Super Frugalette
  3. A Magician of Time at Get Rich Slowly
  4. Small House Living and Why You Should Do It at Epic Finances
  5. To Solar or Not to Solar at Budgets Are Sexy
  6. What Exercise Has Taught Me About Money at My Money Design
  7. Breaking Through The Frustration Barrier at The Simple Dollar
  8. 8 Things You Must Do After Paying Off Your Debt at Money Infant
  9. 4 Dumb Money Mistakes at I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ongoing Site Maintenance

In last week’s Weekly Report, I mentioned that the site was going to be upgraded. I’ve started and I am making steady progress. If you find anything strange or quirky, please send me an email at oddcents AT gmail DOT com.