Odd Cents - Why Time is Priceless

Why Time is Priceless

Have you ever heard the saying that time is priceless?

I remember the days of spending hours on end watching YouTube videos. It was something that I considered to be a past time. A luxury that I was willing to dedicate huge amounts of time to on a daily basis. But then Odd Cents came along and all of that YouTube time was gone.

One Sunday, about two weeks ago, I made the decision to re-design Odd Cents. I was looking for a new WordPress theme that would give a puff of professionalism to a six month old blog, that seemed a bit out of date. I spent upwards of six hours trying to tweak the chosen theme. However, due to frustration and misery, I resorted to my old theme.

The next Sunday, I once again decided that I was going to implement the new theme and work on the little bits over the coming days/ weeks. I even made a post about it to update my readers. Funnily enough when I installed the new theme, I had a different approach. I had a plan. I knew what I wanted to achieve and how much time I was willing to dedicate to it for the day.

In essence I employed some critical time management skills, which always serve me well, but was too stubborn to implement in this situation.

  1. Made a goal that was SMART- I wanted to change my blog theme and I did it. I decided to take it slowly instead of trying to do all at one time.
  2. Created a schedule and did not let the implementation take over – There were other things that I had to do, I was willing to dedicate a certain amount of time so that I could complete my other tasks.
  3. Concentrated on one task at a time – The Internet can be described as my greatest temptation. I can watch videos, play games and read (I LOVE to read). I knew that I had to get through with the blog task at hand, so I ignored everything else.

When time is gone, you can not get it back. It’s not like if you lose a dollar, you can easily earn another.

How do you manage your time?

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