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Would You Wager $5 Million on the Superbowl?

Let’s say that you were a billionaire and financially set for the rest of your life. I mean “set” to the extent that your great- great grandchildren would be financially set too. Would you wager $5 million on the Superbowl? Birdman, a rapper by “profession”, reportedly wants to bet a cool $5 million on the New England Patriots in the upcoming Superbowl against the New York Giants.

Can you believe that? I can’t even imagine buying a lottery ticket every week. The joke is that he’s made bets like this before and lost! He lost a million here and there and won the same fortune at other points in time. I’d like to know who would be willing to step up to the plate and match that bet. The article quoted Forbes as saying that Birdman earned about $15 million USD last year. So his  betting partner (s) will be someone earning the same or more. I don’t know why Diddy keeps popping into my head.

But the Superbowl? I watched an American football game for the first time on Sunday. It was so strange, that I watched two games! I ended up backing the Baltimore Ravens (only because of the Barbadian player Ramon Harewood). And I fell asleep in the second game, because it seemed to drag on forever. It basically looks like guy running and bumping into each other whilst trying to get the ball over a line. Boring.

I must admit that the Superbowl commands some of the greatest advertising power that I’ve ever seen. It’s like a frenzied rush of creativity and money jostling for prime advertising space. I’d love to see some advertising analyses on traffic generated and money earned because of this one game. If money earned far exceeds the money spent on the ads, then I can totally agree with it. But if you’re spending exceeds your earnings, I would definitely stay away.

Would you wager some big bucks on a football game? If so, how much are you willing to risk losing?