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If you want to take charge of your financial future, but you are not quite sure where to start, our saving and investing guide can show you the way. Find out all about mutual funds, personal finance, retirement and stock exchanges.

Today is World Savings Day! - Foodica
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Today is World Savings Day!

In addition to be being celebrated as Halloween, the 31st October 2011 is also World Savings Day. I never even knew that such a day existed! About World Savings Day This wonderful day, originally known as World Thrift Day was first started in 1924, in Italy at the first International Thrift Congress. World Savings Day is usually […]

How to Start an Emergency Fund - Foodica
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How to Start an Emergency Fund

A good financial plan should include an emergency fund. An emergency fund, which can go by many other names including “just-in-case money”, “emergency money” and “if something bad should happen money”, is money that can be used to cover unexpected emergencies when they arise. When I got my first full-time job, I started an account […]

You’re Never Too Old For a Piggy Bank - Foodica
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You’re Never Too Old For a Piggy Bank

I recently joined a Facebook group called Caribbean Bloggers Massive and I posted a brief introduction about Odd Cents. I received a comment from another member of the group which said something about an “adult piggy bank” which inspired me to write this post. When I was younger my grandmother gave me a piggy bank. […]

I Save Two Dollar Bills - Foodica
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I Save Two Dollar Bills

I save two dollar bills. Yes, I save every two dollar bill that passes my way. Whenever I make a purchase and I receive a two dollar bill as change, I tuck it away in a little corner of my purse. When I get home, I put it with my stash of two dollar bills. […]

What are Mutual Funds - Foodica
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What Are Mutual Funds?

Although I work in the financial services sector, I could not describe to anyone what a mutual fund was. I had no definition in my mind other than it being yet another type of investment. So, I decided that it was time I did some research on mutual funds. A mutual fund is a “company” […]