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Cheap Chic – A Lesson From HGTV’s Design Star

I’m currently catching up with the HGTV’s Design Star latest season. The last episode I watched was the one where the contestants were required to remodel an indoor and outdoor space of clients’ homes. The designers used some cool techniques that really showed how one can be cheap chic.

From the first episode of this season I’ve been seeing some great ideas for decorating and accessorising the home. and what’s even better is hat many of the ideas can be done rather inexpensively. All it takes is a bit of creativity (or a bit of Internet browsing) to create dramatic changes in the home.

Change the Wall Colour

In my opinion, changing the colour of the room is one of the most dramatic changes that you can make when decorating and it’s probably one of the cheapest. This can be done using wallpaper or pain or even fabric. As long as you have a colour in mind, you just have to find the time to apply the treatment or find a reliable person to do it for you.

Add Accessories

If you want to add a little pizazz but you’re not too keen about changing your wall colour, using accessories is a safe bet. Throw pillows are a popular way to accessorise the home. If you know how to sew, you can make your own pillows! Other popular decor accessories include wall art, sculptures, plants and furniture slipcovers.

Update Window Treatments

Another ingenious way to change how a room looked is via window treatments. Curtains and drapes are popular treatments which can be easily changed to suit the theme that you are working with. You can accentuate these treatments by using eye-catching rods and finials.

Upgrade Light Fixtures

Lighting is another way to change how a room looks. In many of the challenges on Design Star, the contestants incorporated unique light fixtures into their designs. One contestant created a unique light fixture using a collection of light bulbs. Another took an inexpensive fixture and spray painted it to match the decor of the room.

All in all this season of Design Star was very inspiring. I felt like the challenges were created with the audience in mind. They were targeting the do-it-yourself niche and cheap chic niche by showing them that they could do it too and it would not cost an arm and a leg.