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How I Redecorated My Bathroom on a Budget

Earlier this year (with financial help from my parents) I redecorated my bathroom. My research showed that remodelling bathrooms and kitchens was every expensive. However, I knew that I had a small budget to work with, so I had to very conscious of how I was spending my money. My goal was to turn the bathroom from “blah” to “wow” by installing new fixtures, tiles, sink, vanity and a range of accessories.

Here’s how I got it all done for less than my budget:

1. New tiles for the shower

I visited a local tile store, Terrific Tiles, to buy wall and floor tiles and grout for the shower stall. I did this during my lunch time I collected them the same time.

2. Tiler

The tiler took the bulk of the budget. He tiled the entire shower which is about 6 feet (length) by 4 feet (width) and the top of the new vanity which is three feet by two  feet.

3. Paint, painting and brushes

I bought two gallons of Harris paint from Carters’ General Stores and that was enough to give the walls two coats! I did not have to buy paint brushes or painters’ tape because I had bought those cheaply on a trip overseas a few years ago. I chose a neutral colour, so that I could decorate the bathroom with any colour. To save money I painted the walls myself and my father helped with the touch up. I must admit that this was the scariest part because once or twice the ladder slid on the tiles and I almost fell. (Make sure that you have someone to hold the ladder while you paint!)

4. New light fixtures

Even before I had decided that my bathroom needed a makeover, I bought a new light fixture. I bought it overseas and it was very reasonable. I saw the same light fixture in a local store for more than twice what I paid for it!

5. New plumbing fixtures

These were also purchased on an overseas trip. I bought brushed nickel fixtures – faucet and shower mixer. Although the brand was not a high-end brand, the reviews I read said that the products were a good alternative to the pricier brands.

6. Plumber

The plumber was a god-send. He removed the old tiles in the bathroom using a Hilti. That was a lot better than trying to remove the tiles one by one using a hammer and a ripping iron. He also removed the old shower set and installed the new one and the faucet.

7. Sink and vanity

The sink came from Carters’ and it was extremely reasonable, plus my father used his discount card which saved us a little more. I had seen a photo of a vanity that I had liked in a catalog. I showed it to a carpenter who reproduced it exactly as it was in the catalog! I painted it myself using some white paint that my father has. I bought knobs (the cheapest I could find) which I spray painted with a can of brushed nickel paint so that they would match the plumbing fixtures.

8. Decor and accessories

On a recent trip to the United States I bought brushed nickel shower curtain hooks. I also purchased new shower curtains which came with matching bathroom sets. I have a towel rack and a bathroom organiser which I’m going to spray paint with my brushed nickel spray paint. I also plan to make some art for one of the walls using papier mache and I have an clock that I will update using acrylic paint and glass bubbles. My mother is preparing a beautiful lily which will sit on top of the bathroom organiser to create a Feng shui effect.

What remodelling projects have you done? Did you set budget? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page!