How To Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget (Gents’ Edition)

How To Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget (Gents’ Edition) - Foodica

For the young man just starting out in the business world, there are some basics that must be purchased. In the ladies’ edition of How to Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget , I highlighted several different pieces and combinations that could be used to create classy looks. Now it’s the guys’ turn. Two things to keep in mind are that your slacks and shirts must fit well and should be ironed properly.

How to Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget

To create a budget work wardrobe, there are some basic items that you will need. These basics for the gents are:

  • Black slacks
  • Navy blue slacks
  • Grey slacks
  • Five dress shirts – Two white, blue, blue striped, black striped.
  • Five ties– Simple, cool designs and solid colours are preferred. I’m old-fashioned and I love to see solid coloured ties on patterned shirts and patterned ties on solid coloured shirts.
  • A functional bag – I know that some men might consider this to be feminine, but a bag holds all of your stuff. You can use a laptop bag or a medium sized back pack.
  • Black shoes – Your black shoes should be clean and always polished. Choose a strong pair of shoes because in the early days, you will be wearing them everyday.
  • Five pairs of socks– Your socks should match your slacks. Three pairs of black and two pairs of blue or vice versa should suffice.

How to Mix and Match

If you have no clue on how to mix and match, try these combinations:

  • Monday – white shirt, black slacks, patterned red tie, black socks
  • Tuesday – blue striped shirt, blue slacks, solid blue tie, blue socks
  • Wednesday – grey shirt, grey slacks, patterned grey tie, black socks
  • Thursday – black striped shirt, black slacks, solid black tie, black socks
  • Friday – blue shirt, blue slacks, patterned blue tie, blue socks

The most important thing to remember about creating a work wardrobe on a budget is that you have to be well groomed at all times. This includes shaving and getting hair cuts on a regular basis. If your hair is plaited or locked, make sure that it is neat and tidy. A nice watch would be a classic piece to accessorise your outfit.

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