Five Great Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Five Great Christmas Gifts on a Budget - Foodica

I’m not a fan of Christmas, but I buy a few gifts each year. I usually set a small budget and I find great Christmas gifts that fit into that budget, along with wrapping paper and bows.

Five of my favourite gifts for giving are:

1. Books

A nice book makes a great gift for any person of any age. I love to give books to children because I believe that reading increases their knowledge and keeps their English up to scratch. Adventure, fairytale and general knowledge books are always popular. You can find books for as little as five dollars. Imagine how easy your shopping process would be!

 2. Jewellery

My preferred choice is sterling silver jewellery. This type of jewellery is a lot cheaper than gold, but can be very tasteful. Favourite jewellery items for girls include earrings, bracelets and chains. For boys, bracelets are always a safe item. There are several jewellery stores that sell reasonable jewellery. But I would advise you to go there before the Christmas rush starts.

3. Legos

When I was younger, I used to play with legos. My goodness! I used to build houses with two and three stories, offices and cars. Legos are sure to bring out the creativity in boys, and these make great gifts! There are cheap lego sets, but those are usually the ones to disappear from the shelves first.

4. Handmade Gift Sets

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on gift sets in stores. Make your own! One easy gift set can be made using a pouf and a shower gel. Buy some cellophane paper and wrap them up with a ribbon and add a bow. You can also pair scented lotions and creams and give them the same wrapping treatment.

5. Plants

My house is surrounded by plants both flowering and non-flowering. If you have a green thumb, you can hatch a seedling or cutting. Put it in a nice pot, wrap a bow around it, and you have a nice gift. If you’re not a plant person, take a trip to a nursery and look for something that suits your budget.

If you’re a fan of early Christmas shopping, you should be able to find affordable gifts before they’re all sold out.