Five Weekend Activities on A Budget

Five Weekend Activities on A Budget - Foodica

Another weekend is almost here and I would love to plan some family activities without worrying about how much it would cost. If I could, I would plan exciting theme parties with yummy foods and exciting weekend activities. But seeing that my budget is a little bit on the tight side, I’ve resorted to looking for things that would not cost me a lot, but are still enjoyable.

1. The beach

This will always be one of my favourite place to go to in Barbados. And we’re so lucky to have so many beaches to choose from! Our beaches feature white sand and clean, clear waters. A day at the beach can be fun, especially for the children, who love to dig in the sand.

2. Sporting activities

Numerous sporting activities are held on weekends. You can find cricket being played on many grounds around the island. Gather the whole family and take a trip to the closest cricket ground and enjoy some cricket. There are also many football, netball, volleyball and basketball tournaments some of which offer free admission.

3. A picnic

Planning a picnic for your family is extremely easy and cost-effective and is one of my favourite weekend activities. Prepare a few sandwiches, snack and drinks and just go! You can have a picnic at the beach or at one of our parks (e.g. Farley Hill National Park, King George V Memorial Park etc.)

4. Crafts

If you’re crafty, how about making some items with your children? If you’re lacking ideas about what to make, hit up Google and get some ideas. Last Saturday, I was felt like making something and I made some cool button earrings. If you’re not crafty, check out You Tube for some free tutorials.

5. Movie night

Going to the cinema with your children might not be that economical. So why not bring the movies to your house? Rent or borrow a couple DVDs, buy a few packs of microwave popcorn, drinks and snacks and have a blast. If you really want to have that movie theatre feeling, draw your curtains or drapes to make the room darker.

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