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How to Make Golden Apple Juice

I love golden apple juice. I do not mean apples grown in the USA and other places. I’m talking about the golden apples grown here in Barbados and in the Caribbean. The other day I peeled a golden apple, put some salt on it and when I tasted in, I felt as though I was in food heaven. When golden apples are in season, you can never get enough of this tasty juice. This is one of my favourite Bajan beverages.

How To Make Golden Apple Juice is the latest feature of Celebrate Barbados!

How to Make Golden Apple Juice

You will need:


Wash the apples and cut them into pieces, leaving the skin on. Put a handful of the pieces into a blender with enough water to cover them, and blend until you have a thick puree. Do not put in too many pieces at once, because you might damage your blender. Strain the golden apple puree using a large strainer and spoon. Repeat this process at least twice, and then add your sugar, spices and water. After you have mixed everything together strain the juice one more time.

This juice is best served chilled. Enjoy!

Tip: If you have lots of golden apples, you can freeze all of them and store the excess pulp in the freezer. And whenever you want some golden apple juice, just take it out of the freezer.

Image Credit: Marci Foster via Pinterest