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Celebrate Barbados!

Celebrate Barbados! - Foodica

On the 30th November 1966, Barbados gained independence from Great Britain. Spearheaded by the late, great, Errol Barrow, Barbados became its own nation, responsible for its own affairs and people. Back then, I know that there would have been many people who were against such a move. No one can say whether we would have been better off if we had stayed a part of the British empire. But I believe that Barbados has done very well and we will continue to grow.

About Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island with so many features that we take for granted. There are thousands of Barbadians who have not been to the beach in years! We’re surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and many of us do not enjoy the clear, calm waters. I love the beach and I’m a regular visitor. Don’t ask me when was the last time I visited Harrison’s Cave or Farley Hill National Park or if I’ve ever visited the Wildlife Reserve.

We have the best-tasting dishes and beverages anywhere in the world! Pudding and souse, cou-cou and flying fish, fishcakes and bakes and rice, macaroni pie and baked chicken are some of our most love delicacies. Our best beverages are made from our local fruits and include golden apple juice, soursop punch, bajan cherry drink, mauby, lemonade and swank. Our favourite homemade snacks include kool-aids, tamarind balls and sugar-cakes.

Celebrate Barbados With Odd Cents

To celebrate Barbados 45th anniversary of independence, I’ll be featuring everything Barbadian. Be prepared for everything from money-saving recipes to money-saving measures that are a staple in Barbados. I’m also going to try to focus on young Barbadian business people, who are trying to push their businesses get ahead using their talents.

Send me your best photos and favourite memories as we celebrate Barbados all throughout the month, so that I can post them right here on Odd Cents!