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Need a Vacation? Try a Staycation

So, you’re going on vacation from work soon and you would love to get away from everything. But, your budget does not allow for an extravagant trip to another country. You have some money to spare, but it’s not enough to take you away on a jet plane.

Why not try a staycation? The word “staycation” describes a vacation at home. Here in Barbados, the staycation concept is being pushed like crazy. Hotels and resorts offer specials to lure locals to their establishments. I think it’s a great idea. What’s better than enjoying a couple days at a luxurious hotel, right in your own country? Nothing. And even if you choose to stay at your home, you can explore the island and have fun doing many “tourist activities.”

One of the selling points of the staycation is that it is cheaper than travelling by plane or boat. You do not have to worry about airfares or transportation costs to and from your hotel. And if you choose to stay at home, lodging costs are not an issue. You can just spend your days exploring the free spots in the island. (PS. One of my favourite “free” spots is the beach.)

When is the last time you visited Harrison’s Cave? I haven’t been there since the eighties, and I know they’ve had a couple huge renovations since then. What about the Atlantis Submarine? It’s one of the most amazing experiences in the world and we have it right here in Barbados. Have you even been snorkelling? So many beautiful underwater gardens, and you have never seen one? Yes, these activities take money. But if you set a vacation budget, you can mix and match the activities that you can take part in.

If you’re seriously thinking about planning a staycation, check out the local hotels and activity providers. Be sure to ask them about specials for residents (and Caricom nationals if you are in the Caribbean). If you have experienced a staycation, leave a brief review of it in the comments section or on the Odd Cents Facebook page.