You’re Never Too Old For a Piggy Bank

You’re Never Too Old For a Piggy Bank - Foodica

I recently joined a Facebook group called Caribbean Bloggers Massive and I posted a brief introduction about Odd Cents. I received a comment from another member of the group which said something about an “adult piggy bank” which inspired me to write this post.

When I was younger my grandmother gave me a piggy bank. The pig was beige with pretty pink cheeks and the traditional slot on the back.I used to save all of my coins in that piggy bank and empty it when it got full. I don’t know where that piggy bank is, but I’m going to find it and put it to use.

Piggy banks aren’t just for children. They’re for everyone. I remember that a local bank was offering piggy banks to children as part of a promotion a a few years ago. I wanted one of those piggy banks so badly. At that time I was saving and collecting odd cents (ha ha!) to deposit on my bank account.

We usually tell our children to save all of their extra coins in piggy banks. We adults can do the same thing. How about saving all of your coins in your piggy bank? If you don’t have one, you can improvise by using an empty jar or tin.

And when you have saved enough, you can either put the money on a savings or investment account or put it towards a major purchase. I know of a lady that saves all of her coins to pay her car insurance. Someone else puts them towards a travel fund.

Try this experiment: Save all of your one cent, five cent, ten cent and twenty-five cent coins for one month and see how much you can accumulate.

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