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How to Get Better Customer Service in Barbados

Customer service in Barbados sucks. There are too many instances where Barbadian consumers have to go the extra mile to get service that should be provided at minimum. It often feels as though come entities purposely frustrate their clients and somehow forget that we are the reason why they make money. Many of them have this “I don’t care about you” attitude that shows their lack of basic comprehension of how beneficial the customer’s dollar is.

What is Customer Service Service?

Many people falsely believe that customer service is revolves around the personal contact between the customer and the company. The truth is that customer service begins even before the customer makes contact with the company and ends after they have bought the product or service. Customers are critical to the survival of any business and can impact how that business grows. Failure to adequately manage the interaction, will result in a disgruntled customer and a busted reputation.

There is something fundamentally wrong when poor customer service in Barbados is rampant in both the public and private sector. Disgusting attitudes, an unwillingness to help and a strong affinity for the blame game are some of the things that I have dealt with as a customer. However, I realise that these attitudes may be an indication of a culture problem that has resulted in disgruntled employees. There are several solutions that can be used in a situation like this, but it ultimately means that someone will lose – the employee, the customer or the company.

Poor Customer Service in Barbados

Recently, I was told of a scenario where the customer was on the losing end. One of the telecommunications companies in Barbados, disconnected a client’s service because of an error that they made. When the client spoke to one of the representatives (falsely given the title of customer service representative), she was told that the company disconnected the service in error. However, the conversation quickly turned sour when the representative tried to blame the customer for the disconnection and told her that there was no indication of when her service would be reconnected.

I also had a poor customer service experience with a company that changed my approach towards them and consequently the services that I purchase from them. At the time, I was subscribing to a monthly package, which required a manual purchase each month. However, the company changed the subscription to an automatic subscription without my approval and deducted funds from my account. As expected, the representatives were rude and did not offer an amicable resolution. One may think that they got away, but reputation damage is real. And when instances like these are put into the public domain, the company loses, even if it is just one customer who refuses to do business with them.

Good Customer Service in Barbados

On the other side of this spectrum, there are some companies in Barbados who fully understand the importance of customers and give us the treatment and respect that we deserve. These businesses are more comfortable with encouraging a culture that shows a keen understanding of the customer experience.

Companies that are dedicated to customer service excellence possess specific traits that enable them to serve their customers well. Attention to the customer’s needs; being police and respectful; expressing empathy for the customer’s complaints; reacting promptly to customer queries; making it easy for customers to contact the company in the event of a problem; and following up to ensure that the customer’s problem has been rectified are desirable traits.

How to Get Better Customer Service

Unfortunately, to get better customer service, you have to make it easy for the representatives who may be able to provide a resolution to your issue. It’s not that they do not have the information, but you have to remove any opportunities for them to “’take your number and get back to you.” If you want to get good customer service in Barbados, you have to be smart about how you approach the situation, so that you can get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. These tips are not applicable in every customer service situation, so you will have to choose the ones that apply in your specific case.

Get your information together.

When you are contacting any customer service department, you must have all of the relevant information ready. This includes all face to face interactions and contact by telephone, online chat or email. It could be a piece of documentation; your account number or a reference number that you will need to allow the representative to assist you.

Get a name.

When dealing with representatives, they provide a name and ask you for yours. Write it down because that person may be able to assist you again in the future. If you can get the name of a supervisor, this may even be more helpful; especially if you have to escalate the matter.

Be specific about what you want.

In your conversation with the company’s representative, tell them exactly what you are hoping to achieve. If you are calling to make a complaint about a product or service, detail exactly what is wrong with it.

Write down everything

During your interaction with the customer service representative, you should write down everything that transpires. Make a note of the date, time, the rep’s name and any other important information that is shared. For online chat support, always select the option to have the chat emailed and take screen shots of the conversation.

Be appreciative.

If the representative was able to resolve your issue or if they clearly tried to assist with all of the resources that were available, you should offer a word of thanks. You can also provide a review on the company’s website; leave a note on their social media page or send a compliment by email. This will send a signal to other customers that this company cares about them.

There is an important link between customer service and customer loyalty. Sadly, there are many instances where customer service in Barbados shows a disconnect between these two concepts. But still, there are some where businesses exhibit that they understand this relationship. Businesses and customers are therefore tasked with finding a balance between customer service and appreciation for the service.

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