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Inspiring Money Success Stories For When You Feel Like Crap (Link Roundup)

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It’s time to put some positive energy in the air and highlight money success stories from everyday people. I find that these are the best types of stories to pick me up, especially when I am feeling down about my money. It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re working hard, and it feels like you are taking 5 steps backward.

At a time like this, when there are so many people out of work, it can be depressing. But I am a firm believer that things always work out. A few years ago I started using a daily planner. And maybe two years ago I started writing inspirational quotes each day. I would look for a quote on Instagram or Pinterest and write it as the first item of the day. And, if I’m having a particularly crappy day, I take a look at the quote to make me feel a bit better.

There are lots of inspiring money success stories of people sharing how they made it out. I like to hear stories from people who have struggled and found ways to make it as well as stories from people who figured out personal finance very early and made good financial stories. Both types of stories are valid, because many of us could learn from both perspectives.

1. Dollars + Sense: An Inspiring Single Mom’s Success Story

Dawn was a stay at home mother to a three-year-old son when her husband died. She had no savings, was unemployed and needed a few worthy solutions fast. To start, she moved into an apartment at her parents’ house, found a job and started looking for career options. Her journey to money success began when made a few life changing decisions which included setting SMART financial goals and shifting her mindset.

2. Cash Money Life: My Financial Success Story

Some inspiring money success stories start from good places. Ryan is one of those people whose parents instilled a basic yet strong financial foundation. He and his brothers received allowances for doing chores, and this turned out to be a lesson in how to prioritise money earned for the things you need. As he got older, he learnt how to live within his means, yet never deprive himself of the things that he wanted to do.

3. Money Coaches Canada: Money Makeover – Lack of Communication Jeopardizes Couple’s Marriage and Home-ownership Dream

Financial hardship is one of the most popular reasons for marital issues. Marisa and Anthony were dealing with Marisa’s bankruptcy and arguing about money. The couple did not talk about what was going on – Marisa was fiercely independent and kept her business’ financial struggles to herself. To fix their finances, the couple sought out Money Coaches of Canada who gave the couple a money makeover that led to improved money health.

4. Income Diary: The True Story Of My Overnight Success

We’ve read many rags to riches stories from people who have made thousands of dollars from blogging. However, we don’t see too many failure stories, which actually does more harm than good. Michael of Income Diary explains that even though his blog is a succesful venture, it follows a few failures, unscrupulous people and many opportunities to learn. The lesson learned? Never give up, even when things don’t work out as expected.

5. Reddit: Looking for Money Success Stories

I have written about Reddit before and after all of these years I am still a fan. In fact, I follow several boards and I even receive daily digests that I actually open. As I was looking for money success stories, I came across a small thread from someone looking for some money motivation. The responses revealed stories about people who lost their jobs, went through heartbreak and found ways to turn their pain into joy.

6. Rocket HQ: Achieving Debt Freedom In 18 Months: A Financial Success Story

LaKeisha’s story is one that resonated with me because I’ve so many people in my circle deal with some of the same issues. She stayed in school, got her education (two degrees!) and still could not find a job that was paying well enough to get rid of her debt. She faced roadblock after roadblock, and it seemed hopeless. But then she found Dave Ramsay and David Bach and embarked on a journey to debt freedom.

7. Nerd Wallet: How I Ditched Debt: Rebounding From Bankruptcy

A couple faced merged their finances after getting married in 2005. But as their family grew, their debt ballooned to $250,000. Feeling that they were at the end of their financial rope, they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, it did not solve their problems. Even though they were living on one income, they decided to make some sacrifices to get their money right. One of the financial tools they used was the debt snowball method which allowed them to pay off loans quickly.

8. Super Saving Tips: A Real Life Success Story – On the Road to Financial Health & Wealth

Remember when I said that it’s important to hear different financial stories? Well, Gary of Super Saving Tips shares a story of someone who benefitted from the guidance of people who he came into contact with during his work life. This interview is not just a money success story – it is a life success story. It brings the importance of finding balance in your life, which ultimate leads to a happier life.

9. The Frugal Farmer: A Motivational Story for Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to fix your financial issues. The story mentions two case studies that revolve around people being riddled with debt and no savings. The subjects were living pay cheque to pay cheque. Although this article does not go into explicit detail about the situations, they were teachable moments that reminded me that the financial decisions that I make are done with a goal in mind.

10. Caleb Wojcik (Pocket Changed): Reader Story: The Value of Financial Struggle

Many will read Devon’s story and find some similarities with their life experiences. She details her financial struggles which began when she was in college. Her routine was akin to playing hide and seek with a credit card statement. However, she somehow found the willpower to become uncomfortable with just scraping by each month. It just was not good enough anymore. She created a plan, became passionate, embraced patience and changed her future.