Motivation For A Better Life

Motivation for a Better Life - Foodica

I wish that I could stay in bed until eight every morning. Sigh. Nothing would be better than laying bed watching the news or maybe the Wendy Williams show. After I drag myself out of bed and enjoy a nice, long shower, after which I would have a lovely breakfast. The rest of my day would be spent organising my businesses, which would already be established and creating and designed new items for Dolen Hill. On evenings I would just chill and sit in front of the television and read a nice book or magazine. And the next day, it would start all over again. This is my type of motivation.

That Certain Point in Life

Sometimes to get to a certain point in life, you have to struggle. I’m nowhere near my dream, but I definitely working on it. I’m up before six every morning and sometimes earlier if I have to prepare lunch or if I want to squeeze in some studying. Between six and seven-thirty, I press my work outfit, shower and make breakfast. If I can, I also work on Odd Cents – it could be working on a post, to tweaking cosmetic stuff or updating Facebook. I leave home just about seven thirty to make it to work for eight.

The hours in between are a scramble too and not in a good way. Some days I work through lunch just to get things done. But at four thirty on the dot I’m through the door and there is a mad rush to get home. My evenings are spent studying, blogging, checking email and preparing my hair for the next day. I’m in bed by ten to start the cycle all over again.

Motivation for a Better Life

Many of us are struggling financially and emotionally with hopes of someday relaxing and enjoying the life that we so tirelessly worked hard for. We work hard and take a lot of “stuff”  just to get a point where we don’t have to work so hard. Mouths to feed, bills to pay and dreams to pursue sometimes mean that we have to bite our tongues and count to ten a hundred times. If you’re in this position, don’t give up. Everything is only for a time. If you trying your best to improve your life, don’t give up. You will get there and your struggles will make your rewards so much sweeter. Remember that motivation comes from within.