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My Bucket List (Contest Entry – Budgets Are Sexy)

I saw a post on one of my favourite blogs, Budgets are Sexy about a bucket list. The author, J. Money, has a contest going where you can win $500 and to enter, all you have to do is post your bucket list. I need to win this contest!
What is a bucket list? Not to be morbid, but a bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. My list is extremely long, but I’ll just list the top ten items.

1. Start a family – This is my number one at the moment. I’m hoping to have at least two children and a husband in the near future.

2. Travel – I always wanted to travel the world, but three places I definitely want to visit are San Francisco, Italy and Australia.

3. Build a pair of townhouses – I’m always looking at town home floor plans to get an idea of the perfect layout. My dream is to live in one of the homes and either rent or sell the other one.

4. Buy a piece of land in another Caribbean island – Land is a hot commodity in the Caribbean these days and it would be a great investment. I’m leaning towards Grenada, because it is extremely quiet and picturesque and almost as beautiful as Barbados.

5. Promote the Odd Cents brand – Odd Cents started as an idea for a blog. But I’m not even a month in and I already have lots of ideas that I know will be fruitful as long as I remain committed.

6. Pursue a writing course – I think that this would be fun and enjoyable and it could open many opportunities.

7. Help my parents to retire – I would love to support them so that they would not have to work anymore and enjoy their grand children.

8. Lecture at a university or college – This is one of the crazy ones, in my opinion. I would love to teach one class in the area of entrepreneurship. There are so many people out there with great ideas, who just need a bit of motivation.

9. Make an extremely large donation to my church’s senior citizens’ day care centre – This is a great service that helps out so many people who need someone to care for their elderly parents and relatives during the day. The centre survives mainly on church events to keep it going and I know that a large donation would go a long way.

10. Volunteer – I want to volunteer my services free of charge a couple days a week to any organisation or institution that is working to help people in need.

This exercise made me think about my goals. What do I want from life? What am I working towards? What am I doing to achieve them?

Do you have a bucket list? Post it below or on the Odd Cents Facebook page!