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Shopping Around To Save Money

I know that shopping around to save money on specific items is built into the DNA of most ladies and a handful of men. Other men – not so much. Some men like to go to one store; buy what they need there and then and then leave. They do not give a second thought to another store having the same item at a cheaper price.

That does not work for me. I have to get the best value for my money. I have to shop around. Sometimes though, shopping around might not be the best choice. If for example, Store A has an item for $20 and Store B, which is fifty miles away has the item for $10, I’d be more inclined to get it from Store A. Gas and time would come into play in a situation like this.

Shopping Around to Save Money

A work colleague went shopping with his cousin over the weekend. He was going to buy a beverage which was being sold for $48 at one of the popular supermarkets. His cousin persuaded him not to buy it, because another store a few yards away, had the same beverage for less than half the price.

My colleague was in disbelief and flatly told his cousin that it was not possible. But to humour him, he did not buy it. They left the supermarket and went into the store that was a few yards away. His cousin led him to the beverages section and showed him the same beverage priced at $20.

My friend was in shock. He was so shocked that he vowed to shop around before making some of his purchases. The truth though, is that shopping around is not possible and you will inevitably pay a bit more for some things. But if you can shop around, do it!

If you’re interested in your personal finances, you will soon reap the benefits of shopping around and the savings that you can enjoy. Shopping around, if done at places within close proximity to each other, is a perfect example of how you can save money.