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Weekly Report Housekeeping – 29 July 2012

If you ever have a long list of things to and you feel overwhelmed by them, I have the perfect solution. Write them down in order of importance and tackle the things at the top first. The items at the bottom of the list should be those things that you won’t mind too much if you don’t get to complete them right away. This works as a time management tool too because you are somehow able to allocate your time and get the majority or all of the items completed.

Weekly Report Housekeeping

I’m currently working on some updates for Odd Cents. You may or may not notice some of the changes. The reason for this is improve the reader experience by focusing on quality. I will also be looking for guest posts, but please note, I am not in a position to financially compensate any writers at this time.

I’d like to thank all of my readers and supporters for sticking by me. You can look forwards to bigger and brighter things with Odd Cents.