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Welcome to Odd Cents

Odd Cents - Lifestyle

This is the official “first post” of my blog Odd Cents. Odd Cents is a personal finance blog for people who are looking for ways to save, invest and spend their dollars and cents responsibly. It is not intended to tell you what to do or what not to do with your money, but it will merely offer suggestions on how to get the most out of your finances and outline some steps you can take to reach your goals.

I will be sharing some of my experiences and I am looking forward to hearing and posting yours as well. There will be tips on mutual funds, bank accounts, credit union accounts, piggy banks, spaghetti sauce jars, pension plans, savings plans, money saving recipes, hair tips, insurance, large purchases, small purchases and everything in between. I have some giveaways, reviews, features, challenges and a wide range of information lined up to help us along our way.

This blog was started because I realized that so many people out there are looking for ways to breathe a lot easier financially. I went through a period when I was spending out of control. I know the feeling of going to bed worrying about how to make ends meet and waking up with the same thing on my mind with no solution in sight.

This blog will be a resource that everyone can learn from. Send me your comments, suggestions, questions and emails so that we can make this a fun, educational forum for all!

Image: Sixteen Miles Out via Unsplash