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Where to Find Jobs in the Caribbean

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When I was actively trying to find jobs in the Caribbean, I would search high and low. Keep reading to see how I find jobs in the Caribbean now. 

Let me start by saying that my approach to job hunting is not the best and I am not an expert on the recruitment process. However, I have too many years of experience in searching for jobs in the Caribbean. I would say that I have not been successful in landing jobs, but I can definitely find a good job almost anywhere in the Caribbean. 

My search has taken me through newspapers, company websites, asking people about vacancies, a couple Caribbean job sites and of course, Google. I found that job hunting online is a lot easier (and more cost effective) than buying two newspapers everyday to see the latest vacancies. Plus, the online space connects you to hundreds of opportunities that are not listed in newspapers. 

How I Find Jobs in the Caribbean 

I started looking for jobs by going to websites like Caribbean Jobs and Caribbean Jobs Online. However, as the years went by, I relied heavily on Google. To search, I would go to Google and type in “jobs in Barbados” (Tip: Also use quotation marks when searching to bring up more specific results.”. Then, I would click on Tools and change the setting to either “Past week” or “Past month”. This brings up the most recent jobs and gives you a good chunk of listings to go through. 

After I went through this ritual for a couple weeks, I realised that there were some websites that kept popping up at the top of the searches. By spending some time on each site, it was clear they were updated frequently and had lots of active job listings.  

Based on what I’ve seen and experienced, and the sites that I’ve visited, the best online websites to find jobs in the Caribbean are: 

  1. Caribbean Jobs  
  2. Caribbean Jobs Online  
  3. LinkedIn  
  4. Caribbean Opus  
  5. Indeed  
  6. Glassdoor  
  7. Simply Hired  
  8. Facebook 
  9. Carib Work Force  
  10. Caribbean Government Websites 
  11. Caribbean Bids 
  12. Company Websites 

Caribbean Jobs 

This is one of the most popular Caribbean job sites and it has been around for a very long time. Caribbean Jobs lists jobs from almost all of the Caribbean countries in several categories. One of the cool features is the option to upload your resume and quickly apply to jobs that meet your requirements.  

Caribbean Jobs Online 

Caribbean Jobs Online is one of my favourite Caribbean job hunting sites because it lists part time jobs, contract jobs and jobs that were not in the Caribbean but were accepting Caribbean applicants. Another big benefit of this is that it posts vacancies in non-profit organisations in the Caribbean and Latin America. 


It’s known as the number one professional networking site, but for me, it’s a great place to find jobs in the Caribbean. LinkedIn is a job hunter’s paradise because it links job searchers to companies and vice versa. I found out about the LinkedIn job portal quite by accident, through a random Google search. 

Caribbean Opus 

Caribbean Open lists jobs for specific Caribbean countries, namely Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis, Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten, BES Islands, Dominican Republic and Haiti. I like the site because it has a blog with articles that address common human resources issues in the workplace, unemployment and other related topics. 


When I saw Indeed in the search list for jobs in Barbados, I thought that it was a fluke. But when I went to the site, I realised that it was real. I love Indeed, because the jobs on this site are rarely found anywhere else. And, there is a cool tracker that lets you know when the job was first listed. 


I used to think that Glassdoor was just for jobs in the United States. Thankfully, I was wrong! To search for Caribbean jobs on Glassdoor, I go to Google and type “Jamaica jobs Glassdoor”. This takes me directly to all of the job listings. I really like that the site provides insights about the company and ratings from employees.  

Simply Hired 

I found Simply Hired because I was searching for Caribbean consultant jobs. This is one of my more recent finds, but I really do like what I see so far. I’ve looked at the salary information, read reviews on companies and researched work from home jobs. I think this site is going to be very valuable for me.  


No, Facebook is not only for playing Farmville and laughing at jokes. It’s a very useful place to find jobs. There are pages dedicated to job hunting in the Caribbean, and companies post their vacancies on their Facebook pages. For Caribbean jobs, I follow JOBS – Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and local job vacancy pages. 

Carib Work Force  

Carib Work Force is another recent find in the internet streets. I haven’t used this site yet, but from what I see, it specialises in jobs in Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, the Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico, but also has jobs in other countries. I like that this site includes non-English speaking Caribbean countries. 

Caribbean Government Websites 

Caribbean government websites are some of the most underrated places to find jobs in the Caribbean. When I was deep in the job search, I would type in “government jobs in ABC” and I would l be taken to the vacancies in the particular country. Although some countries have frozen hiring, it does not hurt to have a look.  

Caribbean Bids 

I remember the days when I used to visit Caribbean Bid Network every single day. I was desperate for a way out from a previous job and I searched this site for consultancies. If you are an independent consultant or interested in becoming one, this site should be on your to-do list because the opportunities are outstanding. 

Company Websites 

Another option that I find works really well, is company websites. Established companies usually have websites that tell you about the company and list valuable job vacancies. These sites are useful for researching the company; learning who the big bosses are; and gaining insights into the company’s mission and operations. 

Finding jobs in the Caribbean is not that difficult if you know where to look. The downside is that companies in the Caribbean are a bit slow to the online game, so it’s possible that your ideal job at your dream company is not listed. Some companies still rely on newspapers to get their jobs out. Unfortunately, they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage and may be at risk of alienating a large percentage of their target candidate pool.