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You Can Get It In Barbados

How many times have you travelled to the USA and marvelled at a particular store, item or concept that did not exist here in Barbados? In this continuation of Celebrate Barbados, I’ll be giving what I think are the Barbadian versions of popular stores, items and concepts in the USA.

Coffee, Frescantes, Lattes and Cappucino

It seems as though Barbadians have become addicted to these tasty treats. You don’t have to go to the USA to feel as though you’re in Starbucks. Our Starbucks is Italia Coffee House which also offers baked goods and treats and sometimes very long lines!

Home Decor and Home Accessories

I love Pier 1 Imports and if I could afford it I would furnish my entire home using their pieces. Someday I hope to make Dolen Hill, the official Pier 1 Imports of Barbados. But in the meantime you can try Dwellings Barbados, Walkers World or Designer Decor.

The Classy Everything Department Store

Macy’s seems to have it all and when they have a sale, you can get some great bargains. In Barbados we have Cave Shepherd, which has been around for years. It sells almost everything including shoes, clothing and colognes. And a couple times a year, they have great sales! I know people that only shop there when the sales are on!

The Handy Man’s Domain

Lowe’s and Home Depot are the hubs of do-it-your-self handy people. For building, repairing, decorating and planting, these stores literally have everything that you will need. For a similar experience, Barbadians usually flock to Carter’s General Stores. If you take a trip to Carter’s on a Saturday morning, you would think that they were offering free giveaways!

Wholesale Clubs

Buying in bulk is one way you can save money. BJ’s and Costco are the major US wholesalers, whose major push is large quantities at great prices. Barbadians enjoy bulk shopping and perceived cost savings through PriceSmart and ShopSmart.

Paints and Paint Supplies

Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr literally have thousands of colours available. They even have colours that are from the Caribbean! I’m sorry, but to truly get Caribbean tones and hues, you need to try what Berger Paints and Harris Paints have to offer.

Crafter’s Paradise

I love to make stuff. Whenever I travel, I always have to visit Joann and Michaels. They sell everything you could ever imagine when it comes to crafting items. If you’ve never heard about them, don’t worry. Laurie Dash is where it’s at here in Barbados. A newly renovated store and wide range of items makes it the best bet for weekend creativity.

Fitness Fun

I’ve been to a gym about three times in my life. Whenever I see Bally Fitness ads on television, I’m inspired to get fit for the thirty seconds that the ad is on. If I ever get the inspiration to join a quality fitness club, there’s Surfside Wellness Centre.

Professional Photography

If only having a simple point and shoot camera, could make you a photographer extraordinaire. Sigh….I stumbled across Ross Oscar Knight a few years ago, and I fell in love with his work. If you’re looking for high-quality photography right here in Bim that’s right up there with Ross, check out Nigel Wallace Photography and you will not be disappointed.

Local Courier Services

DHL, Fedex and UPS are the popular international and domestic couriers in the USA. For fast, reliable local courier service in Barbados, Double Rush Delivery Services is up to the task.

Here are some other comparisons that I came up with:

Business Development – Big Innovations: Focused Communications Inc.

Telephone/ Cell Phone Services – Sprint: Lime, Digicel

Online Job Boards – Career Builder: Caribbean Jobs

Stationery/ Advertising Materials – Vista Print: Like It? Print It?

Storage – Public Storage: Pro-Storage, Secure Shred

Opticians/ Eye Wear – Lens Crafters: Harcourt Carter Optical

Stationery and Office Supplies – Office Depot, Staples: Brydens Express, Straker Marketing

Flowers – 1-800-flowers: Hastings Flower Market

What other comparisons can you come up with?

PS. I was not paid to use any particular companies’ names. This is my independent opinion, and I used the names of companies that I am familiar with.