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Our aim is to help consumers to understand their market place and be knowledgeable about their rights and the rights of their product and service providers.

Odd Cents - All Deals Are Not Deals
Consumer Affairs

All Deals Are Not Deals

Do you every ponder if a deal on an item that you want to purchase is really a deal? As I talk to more and more people, and I hear their experiences, I’m convinced that all deals are not deals. It’s cricket season in the Caribbean and the Australians are […]

Cash For Gold – Is It a Scam_ - Foodica
Consumer Affairs

Cash For Gold – Is It a Scam?

I can be described as very risk averse. When I see all kinds of “money-making ads” in the newspapers, magazines and online, I usually avoid them. I always think that they are some type of scam designed to take away all of your money. When I first heard of the […]

What Is Customer Service Worth To You_ - Foodica
Consumer Affairs

What Is Customer Service Worth To You?

What is customer service worth to companies? From time to time we are faced with situations that make us think that companies do not understand how valuable it is to their business. The other day I heard a work colleague complaining about bad service at one of the utility companies […]