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What You Should Know About Managing a Business

Managing a business is not easy, especially if you do not have the specific skills and knowledge which will enable you to keep your business running. Business administration is a large topic which encompasses many of the critical areas that you will need to manage for success. As a result, you will be responsible for […]

Starting a Business - Foodica

Starting a Business

Starting a business is large undertaking that requires adequate planning. There is so much pressure because everything is on your shoulders. Be clear about the purpose of your business. You have to understand who your customers and target market are. You have to be willing to work hard to ensure that your business operates so […]

Growing a Business - Foodica

Growing a Business

Growing a business is a reality that many small business owners and entrepreneurs face after they have passed the start up phase. Some businesses may grow too quickly and fail due to inadequate planning. However, there are some steps that one can take to ensure that the business meets its goals and objectives and achieves […]

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Small Business Hub

Congratulations on your decision to become a small business owner! You are on a path that could shape your future and the future of your community and country. By now, you should have conducted all of the research necessary to start your business. You should have identified a specific need that you want to provide […]


Financial Advice For Freelancers in the Caribbean

Freelancing is something that I’d like to jump into in the very near future. From freelancing (writing and consulting) to Project Management to Textile Design, I believe that I can be successful in any of these three areas. It’s easy to say that I want to work for myself, but it’s a little more difficult […]

Odd Cents - 8 Ways to Make Money in Barbados

8 Ways to Make Money in Barbados

I read a really good article on MSN Money written by Brandon Ballenger of Money Talks News. This article, which looked at eight weird ways to make money, got me thinking about 8 “not so weird” ways to make money in Barbados. I’m a firm believer in the creation of a side-hustle, but the question […]

Odd Cents - How To Start a Business With No Money

How To Start a Business With No Money

How to Start a Business With No Money is a part of Women’s Money Week being held from March 05 – 11, 2012. For more posts about Entrepreneurship, see womensmoneyweek dot com. When I started Odd Cents, I did not have much money to pump into it. I was getting my finances in order and […]