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Growing My Blog With the Yakezie Challenge

This week I made the decision to grow my blog with Yakezie. I finally joined the Yakezie Challenge! I can’t remember on which blog I first noticed a Yakezie button, but I bookmarked it right away. I initially backed away from joining the challenge and I can admit that I was a bit spooked by the “requirements”.

But the other night I noticed the button again on yet another blog and this time I decided to go for it. By joining the challenge I have committed myself for the long haul. The aim is to get an Alexa ranking of less than 200,000. The requirements to join the challenge (as stated on Financial Samurai) are:

1. Alexa Toolbar

Install the Alexa toolbar, and leave a comment in the forum stating what your ranking is – After I first signed up, my ranking was an unbelievable 3,068,689. I have big plans of moving upward – my current ranking is 3,065,896!

2. Write Posts

Write consistently and guest posts for similar blogs in and outside of the community – I had planned to do this, but I think that by being  part of this movement I will be motivated to push a bit harder.

3. Install the Badge

Install the Yakezie Challenger Badge – There are many of these to choose from . The image for this post is the one that I’ve chosen and you can find it on the right side of this blog.

4. Make an Announcement

Announce on your blog that you have joined the challenge – This post is my official announcement that I have joined the Yakezie Challenge.

5. Promote Others

Selflessly promote others and build relationships – I’ve been doing this from Day 1 and I will continue to support as much as I can.

6. Commit to the Challenge

Stay committed and consistent – I can definitely do this with good time management.

7. Make and Introduction

Introduce yourself on the Yakezie Challengers Forum – I’ve done this already. There is so much information on the forum and I’ve already benefited from advice from Jeffrey @ Money Spruce.

8. Broadcast Your Ranking

When the 6 Month Challenge is completed, I need to let everyone on the site know my ranking. If I make it under the 200,000 ranking, I can begin the process of becoming an official Yakezie member.