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The learning process never ends and in these competitive education and job markets, you must be adequately equipped. Our career and education guide will highlight the importance of career planning, how you can build your career by getting the right education and training, small business and entrepreneurship and ways that you can finance your education.

better shopping guide

Better Shopping Guide: How to Save Money When Shopping

The Better Shopping Guide is designed to help you to cut back on your spending. Learn how to save on your grocery bill, travel expenses and other consumer expenses whilst maintaining a satisfactory quality of life. There are lots of ways to save money when shopping. It’s more about developing a smart strategy and ignoring impulse buying. […]

paying for tuition out of pocket

Paying For Tuition Out of Pocket

I was once faced with the decision of paying for tuition out of pocket or applying for a loan from a financial institution. The university that I wanted to attend gave me the option to pay my tuition per course (payment plan) or pay the full tuition fee. To pay the full tuition fee, I would […]

the worst places to hide money in your home

The Worst Places to Hide Money in Your Home

When I was younger, I had a neighbor who refused to use financial institutions to save and keep her money safe. Instead, she kept her money outside in her yard in a metal canister hidden in a hole she had dug next to the dog house. Since then, I’ve heard countless stories of people using […]

what should i do if i lose my purse or wallet

What Should I Do If I Lose My Purse or Wallet

It is like a scene from a bad dream. You reach into your bag and you can’t feel your purse. You push your hand into your pocket to take out your wallet, but it is not there. Tiny beads of sweat form on your forehead, and your neck starts to get a bit warm. Frantically, […]

Lunch Box Recipe_ Easy Pasta And Meat Sauce - Foodica

Lunch Box Recipe: Easy Pasta And Meat Sauce

As many of you might know, I take my lunch to work everyday. Planning your lunch menu ahead of schedule can really make life easier, especially when you have to take a trip to the supermarket to buy ingredients. One of my favourite lunch recipes is an easy pasta and meat sauce main course with […]

How to Overcome Hard Times - Foodica

How to Overcome Hard Times

I bought an Essence magazine last month and I have not read all of the articles as yet. This morning I took it up again to see what else I missed, and a small block of writing caught my eye. It read ” IYANLA VANZANT: How To Overcome Hard Times”. The article was about how […]

How to Recycle at Christmas - Foodica

How to Recycle at Christmas

For some, recycling is the very last thing that comes to mind at Christmas. Amid the decorations, lights and gifts, who really has time to think about recycling? But what if I told you that you can recycle at Christmas and still enjoy the decorations, lights and gifts? You don’t have to leave your home […]

How To Grow Onions in a Container - Foodica

How To Grow Onions in a Container

In a previous post, I wrote about How to Grow Sweet Peppers in a Container. This post is about how to grow onions in a container. A couple months ago, I hatched some red onions seeds in a tray, with the hopes that I would have a host of onions. Sad to say, only about […]