Motivation For A Better Life

Motivation for a Better Life - Foodica

I wish that I could stay in bed until eight every morning. Sigh. Nothing would be better than laying bed watching the news or maybe the Wendy Williams show. After I drag myself out of bed and enjoy a nice, long shower, after which I would have a lovely breakfast. The rest of my day […]

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Five Great Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Five Great Christmas Gifts on a Budget - Foodica

I’m not a fan of Christmas, but I buy a few gifts each year. I usually set a small budget and I find great Christmas gifts that fit into that budget, along with wrapping paper and bows. Five of my favourite gifts for giving are: 1. Books A nice book makes a great gift for […]

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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions - Foodica

So it’s December 2011 and it’s that time again. At the end of every year, I look back through the year to see what I’ve accomplished and what I have not accomplished. I also put some thought into what I would like to happen next year. The good ol’ New Year Resolutions. This is the […]

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Celebrate Barbados – Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate Barbados – Happy Independence Day! - Foodica

Today is a blessed and happy Independence Day in Barbados! We’re celebrating 45 years of independence from Britain! When I was in primary school, we would sing these words: “I say B I say B-A B-A-R B-A-R-B B-A-R-B-A-D-O-S BARBADOS!” And then, we would sing along with the Merry Men: “God bless Bim on independence day […]

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Five Things I’m Thankful For

Five Things I’m Thankful For - Foodica

Last week Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States of America. This day is big a celebration and Americans give thanks for everything that they have. It caused me to think. What five things am I thankful for and why? 1. My job – It might not be ideal, but it gives me the opportunity […]

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How to Make Golden Apple Juice

How to Make Golden Apple Juice - Foodica

I love golden apple juice. I do not mean apples grown in the USA and other places. I’m talking about the golden apples grown here in Barbados and in the Caribbean. The other day I peeled a golden apple, put some salt on it and when I tasted in, I felt as though I was […]

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