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The Personal Finance Checklist - Foodica

The Personal Finance Checklist

This personal finance checklist consists of 31 actionable steps that you can take to fix the personal finance problems that you have been facing. Do you want to be the MacGuyver of personal finance? I’m an 80’s baby and I grew up loving MacGuyver. MacGuyver was everything. He could turn each and every adversity into […]

The Seven Step Financial Makeover- Foodica

The Seven Step Financial Makeover

The Seven Step Financial Makeover is a detailed guide that will help you to get your financial life under control, so that you can live easier and breathe easier.   Dear Soon-to-be Seven Step Financial Makeover Reader, How long have you been worrying about making ends meet? How long have you been putting off your […]

Paying for College Tuition
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Top 7 Best Reads About Paying for College Tuition

It’s that time of the year when college applications are being prepared and parents are getting nervous about their babies leaving home. As a student, you might be more concerned about paying for college tuition and the other costs of studying. In addition to tuition, you have to factor in college fees, books, maintenance fees […]

How to Save Money at the Supermarket

11 Blogs on How to Save Money at the Supermarket

Sometimes the best ways to save money and cut back on expenses are right under our noses. One of these sneakily simple ways is to save money at the supermarket. For many people, the food bill is the largest recurring monthly expense and given that we need food to survive, it’s one of those things […]