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Compounding Interest
Saving and Investing

What is Compounding Interest?

Compounding interest is a simple, yet powerful concept that can have a positive effect on your savings and investments but a negative effect on your loans. The Balance defines compound interest as “interest earned on money that was previously earned as interest.” It all starts with the concept of simple interest and involves some key […]

Odd Cents - How Can I Live Within My Means_ - Foodica

How Can I Live Within My Means?

I made the decision to live within my means several years ago, long before I started this blog. In a sense it inspired my desire to launch a personal finance blog where I could share some of the strategies that worked for me. It was not easy though, because I was accustomed to a certain […]

Odd Cents - How to Survive a Renoviction - Foodica

How to Survive a Renoviction

A workmate and I were talking about real estate investing and she told me about a news story that she had seen on residents in a Canadian apartment building who were fighting to survive a renoviction. I had never heard of the term renoviction before, but because the smash sounded like “renovation” and “eviction”, I […]

Odd Cents - How to Set Up a Household Budget - Foodica

How to Set Up a Household Budget and Stick to It

Late last year, I spent endless hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect template to set up a household budget worksheet that I could use to organise my house finances. The reason for this, is that I finally decided to separate my personal budget from my household budget. In the past, I’ve always included […]

Odd Cents - Overcoming the Challenge of Surviving on One Income - Foodica
Personal Finance

Overcoming the Challenge of Surviving on One Income

Sometimes families that are surviving on one income are not doing so by choice. People always seem to think that when others are in certain situations, it was done by choice. Some single income households come about because the sole breadwinner is in a financial position to support the entire family quite comfortably. But some […]