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Odd Cents - How to Financially Prepare for the Next Tropical Storm - Update
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Storm Preppers Explains How to Financially Prepare for the Next Tropical Storm

How to Financially Prepare for the Next Tropical Storm is a feature by Storm Preppers. Storm Preppers is a disaster management, tropical weather and climate change site that prepares readers for tropical storms and hurricanes.  It’s the height of the Atlantic Tropical Season and the Atlantic Ocean is hot and active. Tropical weather systems are […]

Odd Cents - How To Start A WordPress Blog On BigScoots

How To Start A WordPress Blog On BigScoots

Learn how to start a WordPress blog on BigScoots. It’s an extremely easy process and the BigScoots team is one of the most responsive out of all of the businesses I’ve dealt with online. Because I am extremely satisfied with my BigScoots experience, I will recommend them to anyone who wants to start a WordPress […]

Saving and Investing

Can Dollar-Cost Averaging Change Your Life?

Is it true that dollar-cost averaging can change your life? Did you know that it could positively change the outlook of your investment portfolio? In early stages of COVID-19, the stock markets took a big hit. There was a lot of confusion in the midst of massive losses and encouraging gains, and nobody knew exactly […]

Career and Education

Sources of Funding for Schools

Are you a prospective student looking for sources of funding for schools? Are you interested in getting a degree, but you’re not sure how to fund your education? In recent weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, taking online courses and watching webinars. I believe that knowledge is power and there is no harm […]

Emergency Funds

How I Boosted My Emergency Fund in Three Months

Interested in contributing to your emergency fund? Here is a true story about how I boosted my emergency fund in three months. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was starting over my emergency fund and that I had less than $1,000 saved. In that post, I talked about my fears, especially the fact […]


How I Made Delicious Dinner Rolls for Breakfast

I made a batch of delicious dinner rolls for breakfast and I might be inclined to do it again. It all started because we could not find bread on Wednesday evening. The lines outside of the bread shops were either too long or they were all sold out or they were closed. We desperately needed […]