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Banking and Finance

Finding the right bank that meets all of your needs does not have to be difficult. Your reasons for choosing the right bank, will determine what account or banking service is right for you. In our banking guide, we will look at the different types of financial institutions, identify the various accounts, talk about interest rates and examine some of the available banking products and services.

What is a Commercial Bank?

A commercial bank is a financial institution that provides several financial services. Financial services are varied but fall into the broad categories of deposits, loans and investments. These financial services are offered to the banks’s main customers – individuals, institutions and businesses. Role of the Commercial Bank The primary function a commercial bank is to… Read More »What is a Commercial Bank?

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank is a financial services entity in Barbados, which offers services in Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Credit Cards, Treasury Sales and Trading and Investment Banking. CIBC First Caribbean International Bank is a subsidiary of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. History The entity was formed in 2002 as FirstCaribbean… Read More »CIBC First Caribbean International Bank

What is Personal Finance?

What is personal finance? Personal finance is the activity or group of activities used by an individual to manage his or her finances. It includes an initial assessment of the current position, identification of goals, creating a strategic plan to achieve these goals, executing the plan to handle one’s personal financial affairs and monitoring the effectiveness… Read More »What is Personal Finance?