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Odd Cents - Money Power Respect - Foodica
Personal Finance

Money, Power, Respect

How many of you know the following lyrics? “It’s the key to life; Money, power, respect; Whatchu need in life; Money, power, respect; When you eatin’ right Money, power, respect; Help you sleep at night; Money, power respec; You’ll see the light; It’s the key to life.” They are part […]

Odd Cents - How Advertising Affects Our Spending Habits - Foodica

How Advertising Affects Our Spending Habits

Shoes, clothes, hair, nails, accessories, make-up, flashy cars, jewellery, latest gadgets. It’s no wonder so many people are broke. These are the things that are thrown at our senses whenever we hit the Internet, watch TV, listen to the radio or use any other medium where ads are abundant. And […]

Lunch Box Recipe_ Easy Pasta And Meat Sauce - Foodica

Lunch Box Recipe: Easy Pasta And Meat Sauce

As many of you might know, I take my lunch to work everyday. Planning your lunch menu ahead of schedule can really make life easier, especially when you have to take a trip to the supermarket to buy ingredients. One of my favourite lunch recipes is an easy pasta and […]

How to Teach Children To Save Money- Foodica
Saving and Investing

How to Teach Children To Save Money

I’m a firm believer that you should teach children to save money. A couple days ago, a friend of mine updated her Facebook status. Pretty normal, just like any other day on good ol’ Facebook. But the status caught my eye because it was something that I can’t remember hearing […]

How To Stay Calm in a Financial Crisis- Foodica

How To Stay Calm in a Financial Crisis

I know that I’ve said it before and by now many people are probably tired of me alluding to the global financial crisis. But last week at a pension planning seminar at work, we were reminded that 2012 is going to be very tough in the business environment and things will […]