Growing Your Own Food

Growing Your Own Food - Foodica

Isn’t growing your own food fun? How many of you remember going all crazy with excitement playing Farmville. If you did not play the game, you have to at least remember the craze that claimed the entire world. People of all ages were frantically planting crops and rearing animals and having fun doing it! I […]

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Why You Should Start Planning For Retirement Now

Why You Should Start Planning For Retirement Now - Foodica

You’re still in your twenties and thirties and retirement is at least thirty years away. You have enough time before you start planning for retirement. I mean, you haven’t been working for ten years yet. It’s definitely too early to starting thinking about retiring. Right? Wrong! It is never too early to start planning for […]

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How I Redecorated My Bathroom on a Budget

How I Redecorated My Bathroom on a Budget - Foodica

Earlier this year (with financial help from my parents) I redecorated my bathroom. My research showed that remodelling bathrooms and kitchens was every expensive. However, I knew that I had a small budget to work with, so I had to very conscious of how I was spending my money. My goal was to turn the […]

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Frugal Fitness: Walking (Part 1)

Frugal Fitness Walking (Part 1) - Foodica

Healthy living is not only about what you eat, but also about how you treat your body. Treating your body right is all about the right combination of fitness and exercise. Frugal fitness describes those activities including exercise and sports, that are free or very inexpensive, yet effective and efficient at keeping you fit and healthy. […]

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