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How to Start an Online Yoga Business

If you want to start an online yoga business or if you are looking to take your existing yoga business online, this guide is designed for you. It’s always a good idea to put your business online even if you are not operating solely in the online space. The first yoga class that I ever […]


Motivational Quotes for Inspiration During a Financial Crisis

One of my coping mechanisms for difficult times is motivational quotes. I follow several popular motivational accounts on Instagram and I am always pinning thoughtful words on Pinterest. This is one of the toughest periods that I have ever gone through both mentally and physically. These quotes help me to stay grounded and focused, at […]

Financial Security

Coronavirus Scams and Scammers

Whenever there is a major global event that affects the world population, some unscrupulous people use the opportunity to exploit people and inflict additional stress and hardship. Coronavirus scams are here in full force and the fraudsters are out in their numbers. Scams and scammers tied to the coronavirus (COVID-19) are using several methods to […]

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Best Online Businesses to Start During a Crisis

This article, Best Online Businesses to Start During a Crisis, is the first in an ongoing series dedicated to helping people put food on their tables during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues its merciless and unwelcomed trek across the globe, more and more places are implementing “stay at home” orders. This has […]

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Coronavirus and Personal Finance

My finances are not prepared for the coronavirus. When the virus first appeared in the last quarter of 2019, I did not pay much attention to it. But as more and more stories appeared about the virus in China, and then its track to the rest of the world, I paid attention. I was concerned […]

Compounding Interest
Saving and Investing

What is Compounding Interest?

Compounding interest is a simple, yet powerful concept that can have a positive effect on your savings and investments but a negative effect on your loans. The Balance defines compound interest as “interest earned on money that was previously earned as interest.” It all starts with the concept of simple interest and involves some key […]

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How Can I Live Within My Means?

I made the decision to live within my means several years ago, long before I started this blog. In a sense it inspired my desire to launch a personal finance blog where I could share some of the strategies that worked for me. It was not easy though, because I was accustomed to a certain […]