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Discover Our Internships

For current students, recent graduates or professionals in the business administration and finance fields, Odd Cents can provide you with valuable internship opportunities. Our interests include all segments of the Caribbean business, finance and personal finance industries – banking, investment

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Odd Cents aims to be a leading provider of business, finance and personal finance information in the Caribbean. We want our readers to rely on our site to find and verify numbers, addresses and email addresses for business and finance

Personal Finance in the Caribbean

Caribbean Personal Finance

Is personal finance even important to Caribbean people? After all, life in the Caribbean is absolutely perfect. We have ample sunshine, clean, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, excellent health care systems, quality schools, colleges and universities and a positive

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Odd Cents is the Caribbean's personal finance centre. The information is helpful and practical, and designed to make a difference in your life. Read one of our articles, immerse yourself in one of our case studies or be motivated to try one of our recommended products or services.

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How Can I Help you With Your Personal Finances? If you need good, free, unbiased financial advice in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Odd Cents has accepted the challenge to provide compelling, actionable and relevant advice

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What are some of the resources that I recommend? At some point in time, we all need a little help with getting our business (financial or otherwise) on the right track. This page is dedicated to all of the products,

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I believe in going above and beyond for all of my clients and partners. You are guaranteed to receive the quality of service that you expect. By working with me, you can save time and money by outsourcing some aspects

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Get the information you need to make smarter financial decisions.

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Ask Odd Cents

Ask Odd Cents

Many of us face the same triumphs and challenges and sometimes having someone to share experiences with is a good form of therapy. Odd Cents is the place for you to share. We want to hear your questions, concerns and

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People. There is this beautiful website that just focuses on people. It looks at their perspectives on the good and bad events, the sad and happy moments and the big and small moments in their lives. I write for people, so I write about people.

Melissa Williams Staff Writer

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We need a blog that can give good advice. I'd like to know how to fix my finances after making some really bad financial decisions. You have to bring back Odd Cents.

Anonymous Odd Cents Reader

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Odd Cents is owned and operated by Virtual Analytics, a company that specialises in web content management, content and copy writing and social media marketing. It's sister company, Global Business Consultants provides results-oriented research and strategy consulting.

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