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Things to Know When Starting a Small Business - Foodica

Things to Know When Starting a Small Business

I’m an advocate for starting a small business, especially when it makes a positive and worthy difference in your life or  someone else’s life. However, starting a business is not necessarily the easiest feat in the world. For some, it may be a harrowing exercise that evokes feelings of anger and disappointment. And for others, […]

7 Candle Businesses That Are Heating Up the Caribbean - Foodica

7 Candle Businesses That Are Heating Up the Caribbean

According to Northeastern University, creativity fuels ideas and creates business opportunities in a very competitive, global environment. In the Caribbean, many residents have taken charge of building creative businesses that bring something new to the region. These 7 candle businesses are heating up the Caribbean business marketplace with warm, calming and fragrant candles. 1. Brio Che  […]

What You Should Know About Managing a Business - Foodica

What You Should Know About Managing a Business

Managing a business is not easy, especially if you do not have the specific skills and knowledge which will enable you to keep your business running. Business administration is a large topic which encompasses many of the critical areas that you will need to manage for success. As a result, you will be responsible for […]

Starting a Business - Foodica

Starting a Business

Starting a business is large undertaking that requires adequate planning. There is so much pressure because everything is on your shoulders. Be clear about the purpose of your business. You have to understand who your customers and target market are. You have to be willing to work hard to ensure that your business operates so […]

Growing a Business - Foodica

Growing a Business

Growing a business is a reality that many small business owners and entrepreneurs face after they have passed the start up phase. Some businesses may grow too quickly and fail due to inadequate planning. However, there are some steps that one can take to ensure that the business meets its goals and objectives and achieves […]

Small Business Hub - Foodica

Small Business Hub

Congratulations on your decision to become a small business owner! You are on a path that could shape your future and the future of your community and country. By now, you should have conducted all of the research necessary to start your business. You should have identified a specific need that you want to provide […]

Growing My Blog With the Yakezie Challenge- Foodica

Growing My Blog With the Yakezie Challenge

This week I made the decision to grow my blog with Yakezie. I finally joined the Yakezie Challenge! I can’t remember on which blog I first noticed a Yakezie button, but I bookmarked it right away. I initially backed away from joining the challenge and I can admit that I was a bit spooked by the […]